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Our history

"The perfect combination"

Since I was a child and without knowing why, I have felt a strong attraction for both, Japan and the animals, especially the dogs, which I have always been surrounded with. Those who know me know it well ... if I had to define my two passions, it could be said that Japan and dogs would be in a 50-50 percent.

It was in 2002 when for the first time I could fulfill my dream of being able to go to Japan ... first as student to master the language, then as worker in a Japanese company and finally living. It was there where I found the one who is now my husband, Kenji Tsutsui (exactly! "Tsutsui" is our last name) and was as well in Tokyo, where my oldest son was born. But those years that I was living in Japan, I was missing something ... that was because we lived very close to the capital, Tokyo, and in our building pets were not allowed. Even though my dream was already having an Akita Inu but was not able to acquire my first one until we returned to Spain.

Once in Spain, I finally got my first one, a female, and it was with her that I began to truly know the breed, being pledged of it.

 At the same time, I went into the world of dog shows until we settled in the Spain Kennel Club (RSCE) with our own Official Kennel name.

In addition, we are official members of the Nordic and Akita Inu Spain club (CEPN) and AKIHO, Society for the preservation of Akita Inu in Japan.

Moreover when I bought my first akita in Spain, I was deceived latter I knew that she corresponded to different bloodlines than those I was told about. Finally at the young age of 4  she died. That made me think deeply about the importance of a responsible breeding in which health was a priority from the first moment.


Since we have established ourselves, the basis of our breeding are dogs imported directly from the best Japan blood lines, we take special care that they come from genetically healthy lines. All of them are officially tested to be free of dysplasia with the AMVAC, AVEPA or SETOV certificate and from this year all will be tested ocularly with an ECVO certificate.

Currently I combine my work as a translator, interpreter and japanese teacher with my family and of course my Akitas, in which I have found the perfect combination between my two passions.

We are not a commercial breeders because we do not make our living from our dogs, rather we do it as a hobby and Akita passionate lovers as we are.

My goal is to continue learning every day and to make known the breed with dogs that meet the expectations of those who trust us from a responsible breeding ethic.