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Akita Inu Tsutsui Kennel

Our passion, our Akitas

Our bound to Japan and Japanese culture is obvious but in addition to this bound our Akitas have contributed greatly to our attachment. We have specialized only in this great breed importing 100% purely Japanese dogs from the best and most prestigious blood line. They grow in a family environment and we offer health guarantees, all these details and others make our Akita Inu our pride and our passion.

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Our breeding and selection policy


  • We select the best blood lines directly imported from the country of origin Japan.

  • We consider character selection, preserving the original character of the breed, getting Akita Inu balanced.

  •  Japan AKIHO pedigree (optional)

  • IFCI pedigree (Federation Cynologique International)

  • We only breed with OFFICIAL certified dogs free of dysplasia.

  • It is a pleasure for us to maintain contact with the new homes of our puppies to offer personalized advice during their lives.

About our Akita Inu

A balanced akita is a mutual  responsability

The Akita Inu is a wonderful breed, but it is true that they are NOT for everyone. Every dog needs to do health checks, it is necessary the commitment with their education this aspect is  essential for future owners. It is a dog that tends to create a very strong bond with his tutor and in general with the family members, but of a distrustful nature towards strangers, for that reason, it will be very important to work from an early age on his socialization.

We provide an important base for what will be tomorrow, for this reason we breed each of our puppies in a family environment, in the company of his mother and our other akita who will have been in addition with our children, their playmates, but what really defines the future character of the dog depends largely on the future owner, with whom he will live many of his first experiences and it will depend on him to become a sociable and balanced dog.

It is a tremendously sensitive and loyal breed, balanced, quiet, loyal and dignified, without need to excessive exercise but you will need a firm education(but at the same time with a lot of psychology). If a member of your family is threatened, will not hesitate to stand up, so it is advisable to get to maintain control in all kinds of situations. We bet for an education always in positive and reinforcing a lot the bond with him.

Our puppies

The effort, dedication and enthusiasm result

We do not breed quantity ... we raise quality, so we do not have more than one or two litters per year and these are usually in autumn / winter.

We prefer to work with a waiting list for two organize in advance the future litters and to be able to ensure before their birth, the best of the homes to each one of our puppies, something absolutely necessary for us.
If you are thinking about acquiring one, get in contact with us and we will gladly solve your doubts to be sure that you will be compatible with an akita inu.

If you want to book in advance, you will be inform during all the process from pregnancy to delivery with a lot of photos, videos and of course, come to visit us if you wish to meet the parents in advance etc... But while the babies are nursing, for their safety and tranquility of the mother, we will not receive visits during the period.
Our puppies are born in our house, in a family and quiet environment, with their mother until weaning and then with a lot of garden to play and grow without problems until they will be ready for delivery (always after 2 months of age).

Before delivery each pup will be:
* Checked by our trusted veterinarian with veterinary health certificate

* vaccinated

* Internally and externally dewormed

* chip registered
* Assignment, conditions and health guarantee document attached

* RSCE (Spain kennel Club) LOE registered

In Spain, each puppy will be delivered by us personally, we never send our puppies by courier. International delivery is possible! ask us!
We like to maintain contact with our customers so we can resolve any questions that could arise especially in the puppy stage because in our opinion and as we have said before, is the most important stage which will determine the dog that will be in the future.


As breeders, to know that each of our dogs is growing healthily and making happy to those who they share their life with, is the greatest satisfaction!

Customer reviews

What people that knows us say about

Marcos Z.C

"The best experience you can find! The word kennel is just something to catalog a site ... We find a lot more than we expected! Tsutsui kennel are many things ... Love, family, work, perseverance and self-improvement. At the moment we noticed something different, something special, you just have to look at the photos to know that your dogs are spectacular, but we were looking for something more than nice dogs ... we looked for a good and kind treatment, Sara and Kenji make you feel like family and they accompany you in a special moment, we feel very well and we are very happy with our puppy, and they are still at all times for what we need, we can only say thank you very much for the moments that we have lived and for those that we have live.”